Artificial Intelligence Dialogue Application

By business owners, for business owners.

Artificial Intelligence Dialogue Application

By business owners, for business owners.

What is AiDA?

Your new Personal Assistant.

We know how much time it takes to run a business.

It's time to take your time back by hiring AiDA to qualify leads, set appointments,

re-contact missed calls, and send reminders to your customers... you don't have to.

AI Powered Nurturing

AiDA will answer questions, handle objections, & book appointments through various messaging platforms.

Auto-Calendar Sync

AiDA will keep your appointments organized across GCal, iCloud Calendar,
& Outlook so you never double book.

Automated Notifications

Never miss another appointment with automated meeting notifications -

for you & your customers.

Social Media Integrations

AiDA can not only nurture leads via your website & text/SMS, but also through Instagram & Facebook messages.

Qualify Leads

Using industry & business-specific FAQs

& your direction, AiDA will qualify new leads & capture important information.

Capture CRM Data

AiDA collects valuable information from her conversations & stores them in the CRM (included) for future use.

Text-Powered Nurturing...

Custom Built & Trained By Us.

Not just an Ai Chatbot. AiDA is your new Personal Assistant and Sales Professional wrapped in one, custom-built solely for your business.

We'll train AiDA using information on your website, social media pages, and sales material to turn AiDA into the best team member you've ever had.

Do You "Know a Guy?"

Referral Program

20% Referral Commission!

We believe in the power of community.

Family values. Helping each other out. That kind of thing.

We've found that business owners in the Home Services industry are driven to help other entrepreneurs by working together on projects and sharing valuable information.

By becoming an affiliate, you'll earn a one-time 20% of the base fee
for every referral that hires AiDA.

(That's $54.90, $99.40, or $599.40 in your pocket!)

Get Started

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